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Okay I feel like a question meme right now.

This applies for Edward (PG) and Ryner in Thusia.

Also applicable to Edward in Enrichment Center. And since it's slightly revived, Edward in Sabra (and with him Edward/Edmund in Old!Sabra), too.
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This is probably ultimately going to be more for my own reference than of real interest to anyone else, but here's a table of comparative icon versions and the sources for the keywords (most of which are song lyrics).

Obvious image-heavy warning goes here. '-'

All the icons behind this cut )
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Okay so probably half of you know this already BUT being a little more official on this.

I WILL BE EXTREMELY SLOW INDEFINITELY. I may have days when I don't tag at all right now. I have a sick kitty I'm taking care of, and combined with stupid early morning shifts at work (this week I get 5 am) I basically don't even have energy left to make myself more than potato chips for dinner. '-'

I'm trying to pick things up but please be patient with me until I get past at least the matter of the sick kitty. :< I can at least grab a few tags when he's napping.
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Just a heads-up for everyone that does or will be playing with the old man over the next week, work has decided to schedule me for all 6 am shifts. So I won't be able to stay up threading very long, but I will be doing my best to keep up with everything now that I'm finally done with classes (for a couple of weeks).

Also! I'll be super-scarce Monday-Wednesday for a trip out to my parents' place, but will be trying to get in and pick things up during that time, too.
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Okay I'm close enough to 1000 to go for a first impressions/general question meme for Ed. It will be something interesting for me to poke at in classes tomorrow!
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As there aren't any easy-to-get icons of an older Ed out there, I'm having to actually make them as I go. So for now, any non-color icon of Hohenheim is merely a placeholder until I complete the redrawing process and replace it. For actual appearance, go with the color ones. o/


Jan. 31st, 2012 08:41 pm
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Character Name: Edward Elric

Canon: Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood + Sabra La Tau

AU/OC/Previous Game: AU from Brotherhood via SLT; he follows SLT's true end, but is AU to his own true end (dying many years too early)

Age: 67

Appearance: Read more... )

Cause of Death: Unknown/can't remember (likely accidental)

Impact of Death: Not as severe as if he'd died younger; he will be able to function post-death while realizing he is in fact dead, but will not be happy about either the actual death or the fact that this lousy place is the afterlife.

References Link:

Character Info:Read more... )

Old Game Info: Read more... )

Abilities (before Powercap): Read more... )

Abilities (after Powercap): Read more... )

Items Brought In: A silver pocketwatch (not the one he has in canon), and a personal journal with a number of notes and a couple of photographs tucked inside.

Samples:Read more... )


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